Grease Trap Maintenance

grease trap repair, NJCertified Sewer Drain, with over 15 years of experience in the plumbing business in New Jersey, can provide you with high quality grease trap and maintenance. Our local, family owned and operated company does not only provide free estimates on new installations of grease trap, but also provides 100% satisfaction guaranteed maintenance work by our fully licensed and insured professionals. You will also surely be happy with our 24 hour 7 day a week service, making it possible to be extended the help you need anytime, day or night.

Modern Technology and Expert Workforce

At Certified Sewer Drain, we are proud to say that we have the latest technologies for grease trap and maintenance. We have invested heavily in these innovative approaches, making it possible for us to gain an advantage above other plumbing companies. These technologies are complemented with the extensive training received by the members of our workforce. They are continuously educated to provide them with a familiarization on the newest techniques they can apply in their jobs.

More than the adoption of technology and the presence of a skilled workforce, our company also takes pride in offering the most reasonable rates in New Jersey. Our grease trap installation and maintenance services can be enjoyed without the need to spend big. We are committed towards being able to provide the highest level of satisfaction to our clientele, which is why we make sure our price will be amongst the most reasonable you will ever find.

Grease Traps to Prevent Residential and Commercial Plumbing Problems in New Jersey

Some people think that grease traps are only for commercial establishments, like restaurants. In reality, however, even your house needs to have a grease trap installed. This is basically because of the fact that fats, oils, and grease can enter the sewer line from your sinks or from other points of entry. When such happens, they cool, solidify, and stick on the pipes, making it possible to attract food particles passing through the sewer line. This leads into the obstruction of the smooth flow of waste water and leads into blockages. With a grease trap, on the other hand, you can prevent such problem from happening.

To make the most out of your grease traps, make sure that they will be installed and maintained by a licensed plumber. At Certified Sewer Drain, we can help you with this, making sure your grease traps work effectively.

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