24-Hour Rooter, Plumbing, Sewer & Drain Service in NJ

“We Beat All Rooter Prices”

Millions of homeowner and business owners have trusted Certified Sewer and Drain for rooter service in the North NJ area. We know that when you have need of professional rooter services, you need it done right and need it done quickly. That’s why at Certified Sewer and Drain, we provide 24/7 emergency rooter and plumbing services. We offer the best rooter prices in the area and are the preferred plumbing company for residential and commercial clients. Our experienced, top of the line plumbers will not only deliver the highest quality of work but they will treat your home as if it were their own. By hiring Certified Sewer and Drain, you are ensuring that your home or business is given the care and expertise it deserves!

Plumbing Services:

Our plumbing services include complete diagnosis and inspection of your pipes with video camera pipe inspection. Let our expert plumbers use their top of the line technology to ascertain the source of your problem quickly and efficiently. If you need your pipes cleaned, we will use hydro jetting to completely wash out and clear the plumbing. We also provide comprehensive installation and replacement as well as year around maintenance for every plumbing aspect. Frozen or leaking pipes are no longer a problem when Certified Sewer and Drain has you covered!

Drain Services:

At Certified Sewer and Drain, we offer full cleaning of both indoor and outdoor drains. Clogged drains are easily solved with hydro jetting, an alternative to standard drain snakes that clear drains of clogs. Hydro jetting doesn’t just cut away debris; it completely clears them with high-powered pressurized water, essentially returning your pipes to brand new condition! If you want reliable drain repair, replacements, or installations, call our team of experts. Not only are we dependable, but we beat all rooter prices in North NJ!

Sewer Services:

When you hire our plumbers, they repair the sewer system and line, as well as any necessary sewer pipe replacements. Our experts will quickly assess your sewer pipes for cracks and damages on site and apply a variety of affordable techniques to address the issue. We can also apply preventive maintenance work to prevent sewer line damage from ever happening in the first place. With regular maintenance and inspection, you can avoid costly buildup in your pipes.

At Certified Sewer and Drain, we know that your home or business is precious to you. Servicing your drain, sewer or plumbing needs is our priority. Let our experienced plumbers take the stress out of rooter services, so you can focus on more important things. Certified Sewer and Drain services are here for you 24/7 because we know that when you are in need of rooter services, you need expert assistance delivered quick and at an affordable price. There’s no other rooter company in the North NJ area that has better prices than Certified Sewer and Drain. Call us today!